Newwebpick 24期专访


--Tell us a little bit about your background?
--Hi, I am J.max. A graphic designer from Si Chuan,China. I love UI and Illustration Design personally and works for those for a period of time. Also,I love rock music,comics,beautiful photos and talking with friends having similar interest.

--Who are your main inspirations? / What are your influences?
--In our commercial works, usually we need to search the inspirations by ourselves through the living styles of ordinary people, the stuff they love and the characteristic from some brands. A little pices stuff may bring you a new idea. Don't miss it. To make it real or record it first at last.

--How do you keep motivated and interested?
--If interest is a flame only, the passion of the business would be the fuel for the fire. I love drawing. So I love all the design industry related to drawing also. Maybe many people cannot realize what they love to work in their whole life since they have just not the chance. However I am lucky because I got it.

--Do you have any new projects coming up that you can tell us about?
--May main responsibility is the Logo and UI design for our own products in enterprise. Also in my tree time, I am designiing a set of new symbols free for downloading. You may get them in my personal website later.

--What do you know about your country’s design/designers?
The UI design in China is developing sharply. There are so many outstanding designers and design teams. The GUIC in 2008 is a very good example presenting to the whole world how good the designers are in China perfectly.

--Any words you would like to pass it to new comer designers?
--Keep your passion,Patience and learning.

--What is your most favorite commercial design of your own?
--For the commercial design, I like the 6 sets of symbols in a Singapore community website - During the whole project development, the communication and storm of comments with the web management team are full of innovative. Eventually the finished works is over our expectation no matter in visualization or conception.

--Name some designers you like it most and recommend for our future interview?
--I usually more concerned about the UI designer and illustrator class, the most common concern of several people:
Eugen Buzuk    Lambda    JJ.Ying    Enhanced labs    David lanham    Lohmuller gyuri   Imaginism      マサオ

--Any final comments:
Thank to NWP providing a very good platform for communication and learning. Also welcome all the friends visit my personal website at